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We, Rohan Ramani and Rahul Ramani, want to ensure that children in the world have access to safe drinking water in their school environment. Water4Kid.com is creating a movement to raise funds to be able to dig wells and install filtration systems in each school that does not have such facilities. We intend to accomplish this goal for India by 2030.

Facts about Children

High rate of mortality is due to water-related diseases that can be attributed to school sanitation and potable water supply.

Facts about India

India has just 4% of the world's fresh water, but 16% of the global population.

Facts about India

Every year, about 600,000 Indian children die of illnesses associated with unclean drinking water.

Half of India's water supply in rural areas is routinely contaminated with toxic bacteria.

Facts About Children

Over half of all primary schools in developing nations do not have adequate water facilities. Almost 66% lack adequate sanitation.

Water contamination wreaks havoc on a child's fragile immune system

Facts About Water

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    Water Consumption Children need more water

    Children need the same amount of water as adults: about one quart for every 1,000 calories they expend. If not given this amount, makes them extremely susceptible to heatstroke, a potentially fatal condition, the body can no longer cool itself, and its temperature rises to a dangerous level. The international charity Water Aid estimates that nearly 76 million Indians do not have access to clean drinking water, more than any country.

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    Water Availability Difficulty in fetching water

    With the parents working, they often send their children to fetch the water. On average, children must take multiple trips and travel an estimated 5 miles to the well to obtain fresh drinking water. The time spent getting the water is depriving the children of valuable time to study or be with their family. Each well that we build is an effort to relieve this problem, in addition to many others. About 315,000 children die from diarrheal diseases each year, with 140,000 those deaths happening in India.

Facts about us


I had gone to India in the summer of 2014, I visited a school near Delhi. I had gone there to teach them English and basic computers. I drank water at the school, and immediately fell sick. I was hospitalized for three days with diarrhea. I was informed that several children were not at school because they had fallen sick from drinking this water as well.I then realized that the same water is the source of many illnesses and a source of challenges for these children.


I have been involved with this initiative from the start. I have been closely working with my brother, Rohan, to provide clean drinking water to school children in the rural villages of India. It is a challenging task and we are making good progress with every child and every school that we are able to install the filtration system.


  • A world in which clean and safe drinking water is available for every child at school. Water is one of the primary drivers of public health problems. It needs to be a fundamental right of every citizen of this planet to have safe and secure, access to clean drinking water.


  • To provide access to clean drinking water to all children

  • To educate children about basic hygiene

Meet Our Team

Each one of our members is committed to ensuring clean drinking water to all children in India. They are singularly focused and driven by the challenge and motivated by the potential opportunity to improve the lives of these children.

Rohan Ramani Founder and Chief Executive

Rohan lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. His parents are originally from India. He keeps visiting India at every opportunity he gets from his busy schedule at school. He is involved in community work at the local level within his school. This is first foray in to addressing a global issue.

Rahul Ramani Co-Founder

Rahul lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. His parents are originally from India. This is his first attempt at addressing a global issue. He is involved in planning and execution of this initiative. Besides this initiative he loves to play video games with his friends.

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